Our considerable source of plant means we’re able to involve ourselves in great projects that require strong mechanical input. We now have 8 x 360 excavators (ranging from 3-22 tonne) and 3 large dump trucks. We continually invest in our machinery. Keeping our plant up-to-date ensures we’re technologically ahead of most of our competitors. It also means safety is maintained as the best technology is the safest technology.

  8 × 360 Excavators (3 - 22 Tonne)

  3 × Dump Trucks

  2 × Rollers

  1 × Rammax

We aim to be as self-sufficient as possible in terms of our small and large items of plant. Many companies have to rent their machinery or outsource the bulk of their work to companies like us who own their plant. We don’t have to. This is great for our clients as, by owning and maintaining our own equipment, we can offer a highly competitive price by passing on the savings made through owning our plant straight over to you.

Long-Lasting Partnerships

We have built our reputation by helping clients build theirs. Literally. We believe that the most important thing is the connections we're building with others and their companies.