All the work completed under the Lawless Civils name is made to be completely safe. We have a huge responsibility to the communities we work in to provide them solutions that are safe for years to come. When starting a project, we ensure all the relevant safety standards are in place and being practiced by our entire organisation, keeping our team and the public safe at all times.

Safety Equipment for a UK Civil Engineering Company

35 Operatives

fully safety licensed and trained

Safety is a must at Lawless Civils. All of our team have the relevant safety certificates and training to make our working environment as safe as possible. Doing so allows us to work safely with other project partners and the public surrounding us. We are committed to maintaining these safe working environments, equipment and training standards for all employees. We accept our responsibility for the health and safety of the team and the public.

Safety Officer visiting a Civil Engineering Site

Collaboration between the whole team is what makes safety tick. Leaders have a special responsibility in upholding safety standards. Not only through words, but actions. Our leaders setup environments where our team find it easy to work in the interest of safety.

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